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Ultrasonic Vibration Cryotherapy Massager Hot and Cold Face Lifting Skin Tightening Wrinkle Remover

$128.00 $198.00

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Medium
Application: Body
Model Number: Vibration Hot and Cold Beauty Machine
Material: ABS
Item Name: Ultrasonic Vibration Cryotherapy Massager
Technology: Ultrasonic, Vibration, Hot and Cold Therapy
Function: Face Lifting, Skin Tightening, Moisturizing, Facial Cleansing
Cold Temp: 6 degree
Hot Temperature: 42 degree
Vibration Frequency: 8600 (±10) RPM
Hot and cold Hammer: Sonic vibration hot cold facial massager roller
Ultrasonic Cryotherapy Beauty Machine: Ultrasonic Vibration Facial Massager
Application: Face/body/neck
Charging : USB Cable

1. The device has 2 functions: Hot Massage and Cool Massage, both with Sonic Vibration, making the skin look smoother, tighter, and more flexible.

 Hot Massage: 42 degree Increases blood circulation and helps to better absorb skin care products.

Cold Massage: 6 degree Tightens the skin and shrinks pores, improves skin texture and removes fine lines and wrinkles.

With Sonic Vibration: strengthens the effect of hot massage and cool massage.

2.The massage head fits every curve of your face, making the skincare highly efficient.

3. Auto-timing system: 2.5 minutes for each setting.

4. Mini size, portable.

5. USB rechargeable




1.To repair the skin cell ,prevent the formation of wrinkles;

2.Expand skin pores to deep clean.

3.Receive fine skin pores and lock water in deep skin.

4.Help to circulate the blood and speed up the metabolism.

5.Increase the skin transparence and firming skin.

6. Promote blood circulation, help nutrient absorption.

7. Shrink pores skin moisturizing 

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