Vegan Sheepskin Fur Rug

Soft, Plush and ultra fluffy - our 100% Vegan Sheepskin Fur rug will add a chic element to your home decor. Featuring silky, smooth and lush synthetic fiber vegan hairs, this white rug will keep you feeling comfortable and at ease. Available in two sizes in a lovely stark white. 

Style: Modern
Use: Bedroom, Decorative, Hotel, Home
Decoration Style: Luxury, Fashion, Modern, European
Shape: Rectangle
Modes of Sale: 1 piece
Pattern Type: Solid
Place: Parlor
Design: Shabby Chic, Modern Feminine
Wash Style: Hand Wash
Technics: Other
Material: Vegan Fur
Color: White
Size:  20" x 60" Inches, 30" x 60" Inches
Type : Carpet, Rug

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