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4 Fashion Accessories You Need For Spring 17'

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As fashion trends change quickly and swiftly with changing seasons, it becomes difficult for fashion conscious women to squeeze out money for their fashion accessories matching the season.
 The following are 4 absolutely must have fashion accessories for you that are inspired by fashion runways around the globe. Interestingly, here are a few accessories for spring and summer that are also pleasantly very inexpensive:
    Eyewear Featuring Colored Lenses

Factory Girl Transparent Sunglasses - $18
No matter whether you wear specs or not, these cute looking sunglasses with colored lenses are an absolute must for you this spring. They are available from top designer labels and you can easily choose a shape that suits your face cut and personality. What is more, you also have the option of choosing the shade of the lenses from orange and yellow to even blue or green.

Wide Belts

Some ladies find them offensive but believe me; you can easily hog the limelight with your wide belts at any party or function. Besides getting you the glances from everyone around you, these belts also help in making you look slim and tall. These wide belts are available in different materials and colors and you also have the option of w rapping them like strings to enhance your looks even further. You can even choose from floral prints to announce your taste in hangouts with friends. These belts give you a very playful and chic look without making any effort.
   Jewelry made of agate

Spring and summer happen to be times in a year when you can dress up like a boho girl to express your individuality. Agate is a semi precious stone that is easily available at fashion stores. You can choose jewelry that suits your personality from a large pendent to a necklace made up of small agate stones. Wear this jewelry in your neck along with your floral skirt and white blouse to mesmerize all your friends.
Enhance your feminine looks by adding this fashion accessory to your attire when moving out of your home during spring and summer. Give yourself the classy look of a French or Italian lady by wearing a floppy hat which also saves your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays of sun.
Hope you enjoyed our small list of the Top 4 Most Anticipated Accessory Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2017. What do you think you'll be rocking this Season out of the top trends?


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